Non Executive Recruitment

Our Vision, Values and Objectives

Our vision is "Working together to improve lives and support optimistic futures".

We employ over 5,000 members of staff. Our staff support our vision by delivering high quality care that promotes recovery and achieves excellent outcomes.

Our vision is supported by five strategic objectives:

  • Best care, every day -  Work with service users and carers to achieve their goals by delivering high quality care
  • Compassionate, supported, motivated staff - Create an outstanding place to work, ensuring staff feel valued and are supported to reach their potential
  • Best outcomes - Continuously improve services for users through Research, Innovation and Digital Technology 
  • Individualised, seamless services - Work in partnership with others to improve wellbeing and challenge stigma
  • Sustainable services, adding value - Be a sustainable, well-led organisation that delivers social value

Our new Trust values were launched in September 2017 following extensive engagement with service users, carers, staff and governors.

The following values and behaviours were selected following consultation events and online voting:

We inspire hope

  • Having a positive outlook on the future ahead
  • Celebrating achievements, no matter how small
  • Staying resilient and optimistic
  • Enabling people to reach their full potential
  • Being a positive role model

We work together

  • Empowering service users to make informed choices
  • Working together to provide seamless services
  • Lending a hand to a colleague who needs it
  • Setting and maintaining high standards
  • Supporting each other to recognise our strengths

We are open and honest

  • Acting with integrity and honesty
  • Apologising if we are wrong or if we let you down
  • Continually learning to improve
  • Doing what we say we will do
  • Building a trusting relationship

We are caring and compassionate

  • Showing empathy and understanding to all
  • Treating service users, their families and each other with kindness
  • Doing the little things that make a difference
  • Taking time to engage, support, listen and act
  • Putting ourselves in your shoes

We value and respect

  • Seeing the individual in everyone
  • Valuing individuality and diversity
  • Respecting different people’s needs, aspirations and priorities
  • Being considerate and respecting each other
  • Challenging behaviour that does not fit with our values

Recognising the diversity of our organisation, both in terms of services provided and geography, our values and over-arching vision have been key to establishing a shared sense of purpose.

You can find out more on our vision, values and objectives in our Annual Report 2018/19 and  Quality Account Report 2018/19

In our recent CQC inspection, the CQC found that ‘the Trust was meeting their values and objectives and this was reflected in the delivery of high quality care and excellent partnership working’. Staff were also found to ‘know the Trust vision and values and their importance in the work of the Trust.’